Inevitably, over the course of owning a home, we will all experience a breakdown in our home comfort system. Some failures are minor issues that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Breakdowns more catastrophic in nature can require major repair and sometimes replacement. Regardless of the severity of your failure, we will always have a solution to the problem. 


Your Furnace, in conjunction with your thermostat, is the central hub to your home comfort system and plays a vital role in every operation performed. It is home to an array of sensors, safety switches, wiring, and motors, that all communicate with each other in order to perform the needed function reliably.  It is when we find that our home has "No Heat" or "No Cooling" that something in that communication has broken down, an environmental situation has occurred or the desired operation has been deemed not safe by the equipment and will not allow the process to continue. It is at this point that my vast knowledge and troubleshooting skills come into play for you.


   With proper diagnostics, we can determine why the communication process has stopped and suggest a course of action to follow to get you heating again. In all reality (if the parts are available) every furnace is repairable no matter the failure. There does, however, come a point where the repair may no longer be the best financial option based on the cost to repair, age, safety concerns and lifespan of the furnace. It is under these circumstances that we find a replacement option to be the financially sound decision.


   With proper diagnostics, we can determine why the cooling process has stopped and suggest a course of action to follow to get you cooling again. Unlike furnaces, AC's use refrigerant to perform the cooling operation.  Recently R410a has come to market as the replacement for R22 refrigerant. These are not compatible with each other and unfortunately, some failures can force the replacement of AC systems and the cost of the now obsolete R22 refrigerant itself is prohibitive. EPA transitions like these are always hardest on consumers.

   Is your skin feeling dry and irritated? Are you experiencing breathing problems or strange odors and smells in the house? Is there a lot of static electricity in the air? These are all symptoms of poor indoor air quality. From air filtration systems and UV lights to steam humidifiers, we have a solution to get you and your family the absolute most out of your whole home comfort system.

Home comfort systems designed and available to us today are far more efficient than what we currently have in our homes. With a continued effort to improve upon what is available, the industry has made major strides in both the electrical and gas efficiency of equipment which means more in your pocket every month. Call for your free quote!